Monday, December 15, 2014

Team Run Flagstaff Appoints Stephen Haas as Executive Director

Haas bring a unique perspective
as an athlete, coach, and sports agent.
Team Run Flagstaff, a nonprofit community organization, is thrilled to welcome Stephen Haas as its new executive director.

Haas is relocating to Flagstaff from Bloomington, Indiana, where he managed and coached Team Indiana Elite, a nonprofit professional running group. In his role there, he oversaw day-to-day training, budgeting, operations, facility management, and sponsorship opportunities. An accomplished runner himself, Haas is a three-time Olympic Trials qualifier and a former New Balance-sponsored athlete.

Haas will continue to hold his position as client service coordinator at Total Sports U.S., a management firm that represents the world’s top track and field athletes.

As Team Run Flagstaff’s executive director, Haas will lead all programming, events, and long-term planning to ensure the organization is meeting its mission to serve all ages, abilities, and interests through opportunities in running. He will oversee operations for TRF’s community Tuesday night running group, Kids Run Flagstaff, TRF Pro, and Step into Running, as well as the organization’s marquee race events, including the Fourth of July Downtown Mile and the Snowbowl Hill Climb.

As an athlete and coach, Haas has already logged many miles in Flagstaff—beginning in 2006—during high-altitude training camps, getting a good taste of the town’s unique and vibrant running community along the way.

“It’s awesome to be coming back to one of my favorite training spots to live and work,” Haas said. “I’m really excited to get to know everyone involved with TRF. I’m hopeful we can continue to grow and create opportunities for everyone.”

The TRF board of directors created a search committee in August and charged the group with fielding potential candidates to fill the executive director position. After reviewing resumés and interviewing many qualified people, the committee recommended that the board appoint Haas to the role.

“The ideal TRF executive director is someone who demonstrates a high degree of motivation and energy. As TRF continues to expand to fulfill its mission, it is important to have a leader who thinks strategically and sees the big picture,” said Kym Wilkens, a member of the search committee and the TRF board of directors. “This person must be able to inspire and motivate others and we found Stephen to be exceptionally strong in these categories.”

Haas will begin in the position in January.

“Flagstaff has one of the best running communities,” he said. “My goal is to strengthen it and help expose it locally and nationally.”

Team Run Flagstaff is the city’s largest nonprofit running organization, serving more than 400 members each year. TRF provides opportunities in running for people of all abilities and interests through organized training, coaching, and educational offerings. For more information, visit

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Team Run Flagstaff Pro Welcomes Ultrarunning Champion Rob Krar

The elite division of the community nonprofit running organization supports local developing, national-class, and world-class distance runners.

Team Run Flagstaff, a nonprofit community organization located in the world-renowned running paradise of Flagstaff, Arizona, is honored to welcome local ultrarunning star Rob Krar to its Team Run Flagstaff Pro division.

Krar, who has lived in Flagstaff since 2005, has quickly risen to the top of the ultrarunning world in the past two years. He is the 2014 Western States Endurance Run champion as well as the 2014 Leadville Trail 100 champion—he has recorded the second-fastest times in the history of both those prestigious races. In his 100-mile debut at Western States in 2013, he placed second. Krar owns the Fastest Known Time records for the single and double crossings of the Grand Canyon. He is sponsored by The North Face, is a full-time (night shift) pharmacist, and also represents Flora Health and Wanderlust Brewing Company.

“Rob has an affinity for lifting the spirits and abilities of those around him that’s an invaluable quality to be shared with the athletes of TRF Pro,” said Vince Sherry, TRF Pro coordinator. “Flagstaff is a special place to run. Whether it’s training for the track, roads, or trails—from a mile to 100 miles—Team Run Flagstaff is a family of runners from all disciplines. The Pro division is an extension of TRF and Rob couldn’t be a better fit for it.”

Krar began attending Team Run Flagstaff community workouts eight years ago and says he was “instantly welcomed and encouraged by strangers who have become lifelong friends.”

“Flagstaff is one of the best places in the world to be an ultrarunner—or really any type of runner,” Krar said. “While many recognize the elevation and miles of trails and dirt roads as the reason, locals know Team Run Flagstaff is really what makes being a runner in Flagstaff so special.”

Krar joins a roster of 14 TRF Pro athletes, including Olympians Ryan Hall and Janet Cherobon-Bawcom, who receive support under the banner of Team Run Flagstaff, an organization that is thrilled and honored to inherit a long community tradition of providing assistance for local runners competing at the highest levels.

Now in its fifth year, TRF has more than tripled its membership to serving nearly 400 runners annually, created two community races, added a youth-running division, and has been awarded multiple grants in support of an adult beginner program. In return for the support TRF Pro athletes receive, each volunteer their services back to Team Run Flagstaff, helping in their chosen areas of expertise—from coaching, nutrition counseling, and strength training, to accounting, marketing, and event planning.

“I look forward to sharing tips on how to balance running with a busy schedule and lessons I’ve learned from my own failures and successes in training,” Krar said. “I will encourage and support members to test their limits in new ways.”

Team Roster

Nick Arciniaga
Ryan Hall
Nick Hilton
Rob Krar
Andrew Lemoncello
Forrest Misenti
Adam Vess

Alvina Begay
Janet Cherobon-Bawcom
Sara Hall
Emily Harrison
Hillary Hayes
Leah Rosenfeld
Alicia Shay

For additional information, please visit

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wanted: TRF Executive Director

Team Run Flagstaff’s mission is to help improve community health by providing opportunities in running for people of all ages, abilities, and interests. TRF strives to offer high-quality running programs, events, and professional coaching in a safe and welcoming environment, to benefit participants pursuing all levels of personal fitness or performance goals. You can learn more about the exciting work Team Run Flagstaff is doing by visiting

Position: Executive Director, Team Run Flagstaff (TRF)
Location: Flagstaff, AZ
Compensation: $1,500.00 per month
Hours: 20 hours per week (average; certain times of the year may require more or less)
Job Description: Develop and implement the overall strategy and vision of TRF. Collaborate with the TRF board of directors (BOD) to oversee all organizational and operational aspects of TRF. Oversee the operations of TRF programs: Kids Run Flagstaff, Step into Running, Team Run Flagstaff, and Team Run Flagstaff Pro.
Primary Functions and Responsibilities
• Administration –communication, managing day-to-day operations, membership
• Financial Operations and Revenue Generation –fundraising and soliciting grant monies
• Program Development and Management –oversee the TRF programs listed above
• Personnel Management –manage program coaches and coordinators
• Strategic Planning – implement TRF goals and objectives in coordination with and as directed by the BOD
• Community Relations – cultivate and strengthen relationships with relevant local partners who can provide facilities and services to support the training-related needs of TRF athletes of all ages and abilities
• Leadership – direct and lead the organization’s philosophy, mission, strategy, and TRF’s annual goals and objectives working closely with the BOD


  • A passion for the running community of Flagstaff
  • Outstanding administrative and organizational skills
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Outstanding time management and prioritization skills
  • A self-starter with a high degree of self-motivation
  • Experience in networking and relationship building
  • Experience in nonprofit leadership
  • Experience in fundraising and development
If you have any questions regarding this position please contact Chris Croyts, board of directors president: If you are interested in applying for this position, please send a copy of your cover letter and resume, along with three letters of references to by August 15, 2014.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Moving Forward

A tale of an unlikely executive director. Who’s next?

By Erin Strout

It was never my plan to be the executive director of Team Run Flagstaff. But it’s the unexpected circumstances that often turn out to be the most gratifying, challenging, and joyful experiences in life.

We were sitting in a TRF board member’s living room in the late summer of 2012. I had just received a job offer as a senior editor at Running Times magazine. In all its clichéd glory, it was indeed a dream come true—a chance to combine my deep love of writing, editing, and creativity with my obsession with the sport of running. And I could do it all from the paradise I’d discovered in Flagstaff, Arizona. I wasn’t sure what I had done to deserve it, but my excitement was difficult to contain.

Two TRF directors. Who is next?
Days later, my coach and good friend Mike Smith was offered the Georgetown University women’s cross country head coach position. A superb opportunity for him—one he had to take. All the way across the country. Not only were we losing a pillar of our little running hamlet, but also Team Run Flagstaff’s founder, head coach, executive director, and board president. One person, beloved by seemingly all, leaving us many roles to fill—in a week’s time.

After discussion of various options, voting, some laughter, and perhaps a bit of panic, I took on the executive director position and Vince Sherry was named head coach. He and I looked at each other across the room like deer in headlights. We weren’t quite sure what we had gotten ourselves into, but we were determined to do whatever we could to ensure TRF moved forward without a missing a beat.

That night, in my mind, I was merely filling a void until a more permanent solution presented itself. With a new full-time job at the magazine already on my plate, I couldn’t fathom taking on more than a few month’s worth of responsibilities. At the time, TRF consisted of Tuesday night workouts, Step into Running, the Snowbowl Hill Climb and the Fourth of July Downtown Mile (which was in its infancy). Manageable? Yes. But still a considerable time commitment.

As it turns out, however, Vince and I both tend to dream big and are driven to give possibilities a chance. And we found ourselves working with a board of directors who nourished those tendencies. Two years later, I don’t consider TRF a running club anymore. It’s a nonprofit organization that supports all ages, abilities, and interests through opportunities in running. To a successful and growing community running group, we’ve added Kids Run Flagstaff and TRF Pro to the family, we’ve grown our events, we’ve expanded our workshops, we’ve worked on long-term sustainability, policies, procedures, fundraising, communication, and sponsorships. We’ve built a strong, enthusiastic, unified community and a solid organizational foundation, which I hope propels TRF through decades to come.

We’ve grown up a lot in two years. That isn’t thanks to me—it is thanks to countless volunteers behind the scenes who put their thought and dedication into what we all get to enjoy week after week and year after year, and also thanks to everybody who participates as members and supporters. Because of you, TRF is poised to continue serving the health, fitness, and performance goals of this community long into the future.

And so it’s time for somebody else to step into this executive director role, with new energy, enthusiasm, and ideas. It’s not easy, by any means, to step aside from a job I’ve come to cherish among so many people who I love, but in order to dedicate myself and my full creative energy to my career at Running Times, I need to create more space in my days (and nights!). In that space I look forward to more running, racing, writing, and (yes!) cupcake baking. I also look forward to continuing to serve TRF in whatever ways are most helpful and appropriate, as a volunteer—I believe fully and passionately in its mission, its people, its purpose in the community, and its future. I’ll always be its biggest cheerleader and advocate—I’ll always wear the logo proudly on my shirt, no matter where I race next.

But TRF isn’t about one person. It’s about all the people who come together in the spirit of better health, improved fitness, and good fun. It’s about a one-of-a-kind community that supports goals of all kinds—whether it’s to complete that first mile at Buffalo Park or make the Olympic team. Everybody plays a part in its success and its sustainability. We don’t have sidelines to sit on in the Flagstaff running community. Everybody has to be in the game.

So, no, it was never my plan to be the executive director of Team Run Flagstaff. But I am grateful for the special opportunity to help build an organization that will serve generations of runners to come. Thank you for allowing me that chance and I’ll see you at the track.

Are you interested in the position of Team Run Flagstaff executive director? Click here to see the job description and application instructions.